Salad in a Sledding Hill Pottery bowl
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I often work with my studio door open in summer. When I step out of the studio, I see Blackeyed Susans growing abundantly behind a picket fence along the edge of the woods.

The vibrant colors of the flowers inspire some of my work, including these two pieces. Both are thrown with a tan speckled clay body. You can see the speckles through the glaze.

All work on this page has been sold. Contact me if you'd like to custom order similar pieces.

Hostas growing just outside the studio informed the Hosta Cheese Plate. I embossed leaves into the clay and used a glaze to enhance the veins. This plate is flat and makes a perfect piece on which to serve cheese.

The glaze on the Bowl with Copper Flow reminds me of a lava flow or crescent moon.

I embossed a maple leaf into the clay the day after I threw the Maple Leaf Dish. I used contrasting glazes to bring out the leaf from the primary glaze.

The glaze I used on the Speckled Plum Bowl is a favorite glaze and works especially well on the specked clay. The specks take on a lavender cast and contrast nicely with the plum color.